Nanokeratin: Your Hair's New Best Friend

Introducing the Nanokeratin Revolution

At OHMY Hair, nestled in the heart of Reading, we take pride in offering a sanctuary where your hair dreams come true. We are thrilled to introduce you to the Nanokeratin treatment, a revolutionary service that promises to redefine the texture and appearance of your hair.

Picture this: your hair, but smoother, shinier, and just easy to manage, no matter what its type or mood. That’s what you get with Nanokeratin. It’s not just another hair appointment; it’s a whole new beginning for your hair, making it look and feel its natural best without any fuss.

The Benefits of Nanokeratin

The Science Bit (Made Simple)

The Secret to Long-Lasting Results


Safe, Natural, and Inclusive: The Nanokeratin Way

In line with our commitment to your health and wellbeing, our Nanokeratin treatments are free from harsh chemicals like Formaldehyde. We believe in providing safe, natural, and effective hair solutions for everyone, regardless of hair type.


Get ready to enjoy up to 12 weeks of effortlessly smooth, manageable hair.

Absolutely. Nanokeratin focuses on strengthening, repairing, and boosting your hair's health, attentively caring for those areas that need a bit of extra love.

Just hold off for 72 hours to let the treatment fully bond with your hair. After that, adjust your washing routine to suit your hair's needs, leaning on sulfate-free products to maintain that gorgeous effect.