Welcome to the radiant universe of OHMY Hair, your premier sanctuary for transcendent hair transformations! Nestled in the dynamic hub of Reading, we provide a hair salon experience that's enthralling, unique, and completely focused on you.

This is far from your average salon - it's a haven where extraordinary hair experiences are crafted with love and precision. Our handpicked team of stylists aren't just hair enthusiasts, they're hair artists. Armed with a curated array of carefully chosen products, they work passionately to sculpt a look that resonates with your individuality and style.

At OHMY Hair, we believe in 'rooting' for the best. We believe that every superb cut or colour originates from a comprehensive consultation. Our stylists delve into your hair aspirations, ensuring they truly grasp your unique vision and plot the perfect strategy to bring it to life.

Whether you're in for a refreshing blow-dry that infuses your day with energy, or a total transformation that turns heads wherever you go, every visit to OHMY Hair is an enchanting journey for your tresses. We aim to give you not just a hairstyle you'll adore, but also an experience to treasure.

Embrace the luxury of stunning hair with OHMY Hair! Our delightful salon ensures a spectacular hair adventure is always within your reach. Book your appointment now and indulge in the OHMY Hair experience - because a day with great hair is a day well spent!


Founded in 2019 by Liam Hopper from Tunbridge Wells, it was his vision to create a different vibe of salon for the salon guests. This is somewhere different that's not so clinical and bright, but with a modern-funky vibe of 2 salons creative class.

Whether you are looking for highlights or a brave new style to be you. The salon will offer the relaxation and expertise of some very talented stylists & technicians to make you feel relaxed and just to get away for those valuable hours.


That’s why we offer a Team of dedicated Stylists who genuinely care about your hair as much as you do (probably more so!) and a variety of carefully selected products just for you.

We believe that every great cut or colour starts with a great consultation. That’s why our skilled Stylists really take the time to fully understand the look you want to achieve and how to achieve it.

So whether it’s a Blow-Dry or a full Colour Transformation, we want to offer you an experience to be enjoyed with a haircut and colour you’ll love!


Here at OHMY we support the LGBTQIA+ community. Everyone is welcome, ZERO judgement!

We want our salon experience to be fun and inclusive! We are a friendly team who offer personalised services, we don't just care about hair, we care about you too! We have plenty of experience cutting hair free from gender stereotypes.

We know that entering salons can generate various anxieties and challenges and we are continuously looking to be as adaptable and welcoming as we can.