Colour Services

  Salon Director Senior Technician
Highlights - Full Head        £145.00 £105.00  
Highlights - Half Head £105.00 £84.00  
Highlights - Parting £85.00 £74.00  
Glossing £65.00 £60.00  
Regrowth Tint £65.00 £60.00  
FullTint £80.00 £75.00  
Regrowth Bleach & Tone £92.00 £80.00  
Toning £20-£30 £20-£30  
Balayage £125.00 £110.00  
Creative Colour By Consultation By Consultation  
Colour Change By Consultation By Consultation  
Full Head Bleach & Tone By Consultation By Consultation  

Ask your Stylist or our Reception Team for more details


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Do you have something particular in mind?

Perhaps a sun-kissed balayage or a super shiny gloss?

Check our Colour Services and book your free consultation today.

Our Colour Specialists will take the time to discuss your hair needs and perfect that perfect look to suit you.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring any Hair Goal images along to your free consultation so your Stylist can make a detailed Hair Plan and give you a breakdown of costs.


All new clients are required to have a skin sensitivity test 48 hours prior to any colour appointment.

This also applies to our clients who have not had a colour appointment with us for 6 months or more.

Please also inform us if:

  • You have any known allergies or have had any previous allergic reactions
  • You become pregnant or are currently are pregnant

A few things to take note when booking COLOUR WITH US

Colour services do not include a Cut or Blow-dry. A Blow-dry is compulsory for every colour service or stand-alone conditioning treatment.

If you are new to Oh My and would like a colour, please make sure you have read our Skin Testing Policy.
Due to the nature of creative colouring or a colour transformation service, we unfortunately cannot take bookings online; however please do get in touch to book your complimentary consultation so we can truly understand your hair wants and needs.

We’ve made every effort to simplify our price list whilst maintaining room for your individuality, but if there’s anything you’re not sure about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All prices are from and subject to availability.

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